Case study: Green Your Flights

Green your flights (photo)


In 2009, Standard Chartered launched the Green Your Flights programme to invest in climate change projects through a levy on business travel.


Individual countries supported this initiative through climate change partnerships. Standard Chartered employees in China have partnered with Shanghai Roots and Shoots to assist the One Million Trees Project.


An additional charge of USD70 on every flight taken by a member of the Group Technology and Operations team is reinvested in projects which address climate change through employee volunteering projects.

In China, the team planted trees to fight desertification of Inner Mongolia. The landscape of Kulun Qi, Inner Mongolia has been rapidly changing from a lush wetland to an expanding desert as a result of climate change and overexploitation of the land.


Since launching Green Your Flights, 140,199 trees have been planted in over 17 countries with a total carbon offset of 112,095 tonnes.

In China, the team planted over 20,000 trees which over the course of their lifetime will offset 16,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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